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Registration is free. Before putting you forward for a position we will contact you to discuss the vacancy. Our role is to introduce applicants to clients so with your agreement, we submit your details. We will always contact you with information on the latest positions.

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If you are seeking a new appointment and you would like to register with Domestic Bliss Appointments, or need advice and help please complete the information below.

Sending Your CV?

Please also click here to email your full CV to us outlining all the relevant experience, your written references and a current photo. Our consultant will be in touch to arrange a meeting for an interview. You will need to bring with you your passport, driving licence, references, qualifications and CRB, or we can assist you with the CRB application.


I AM seeing a lot of experienced staff applying with poor resume formats and grammatical/formatting/spelling errors. If you are truly serious about your career, take one hour - just one hour, and sit down in front of your resume. Ask yourself, based on your resume alone, would you hire you?? Does your resume reflect your skills experience as well as your historical work dates? Do you have a good photo and references attached? If you are a chef have you written about food and cooking? added menus and food photos? if you are a chauffeur do we know what cars you have driven?

If it doesn't, as a professional agency we would find it hard to shortlist you for any job. Remember some positions receive many applications and if you don't meet the criteria of a good resume with proper formatting (and it should be easy to read), its easy to be overlooked. Make sure there is a good short personal profile so that the client can see your personal details and a little bit about you as a person. Make a good first impression with a friendly photo and an easy to read skill list. A good resume can definitely put you on top of the pile. Do not spend money on a professional CV as they are all expensive and rubbish just type up the nuts and bolts of what you do every day so its easy to see what you offer to a potential employer. We will help you edit this if necessary.